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Lightouse at Sunset

Maplehurst Properties was designed and built by the Leftwich family from the United States. The family first visited Prince Edward Island on a summer holiday in 1996 while touring the Atlantic provinces. After falling in love with the old-world charm, peaceful rural settings and quaint communities, they decided to make the Island the family's summer retreat from the South Florida summertime heat. The family began construction on the cottage in 1998 and it was completed by the following spring. During the summer of 1999, the family planted an 18 tree apple and cherry orchard. Bob and Marsha's son Charles then began designing what would become the center of the estate. From his interest in architecture and research of classical design, he completed the design for the 13-room Georgian-style manor. With the assistance of a local architect, the final plans were drawn and by the fall of 1999 construction on the house began. Under the master craftsmanship of Murray Hill and the Island's well-known Laningan family, construction was completed in the fall of 2000. Throughout this time, the family made frequent trips to the Island ensuring no detail was overlooked. In addition, the family began the task of acquiring Island-made and English antiques dating from as early as 1780 to furnish the manor. The manor was fully completed in the summer of 2001 and to celebrate the realization of their dream, the family hosted a gathering on the 4th of July.

After 19 memorable summers, in June 2017 the Leftwich family sold the properties to Mahmood Nanji and Rachele Dabraio fulfilling their dream of a unique quiet waterfront property on the Island. They remain deeply committed to maintaining the wonderful legacy of the Leftwich family by ensuring the elegance and superior condition of the properties and offering a memorable experience for their guests.